Side by side comparison of Advantage and Program.

Used about every 21 days on cats and 30 days on dogs. Given once monthly to dogs & cats.
If animal is bathed every week, recommend Adv. be used every other week. Bathing with shampoo removes Adv. from surface of skin Bathing has no effect on useage of Program
Use Adv. here as 1st dose in exam room or after grooming. Client will see quick kill of adult fleas. Program can also be given by us during animal’s visit
Send Adv. home with 1st purchase of Program for those first two to four months when adulticide is needed. Send Program home, as suggested, with Adv.
If bathing is needed, Adv. can be used as soon as pet is completely dry. Also, no need to wait a day or two for body oils to come back, as this is not the method by which it travels. There are no contraindications with Program.
Some cats have been known to show signs of lethargy or excess salivation when grooming themselves (if Adv. is not yet dry). Bathing in no way interferes with use of Program.
Do not use on rabbits, as adverse reactions have been noted in this species Labeled for use only on dogs and cats.
Remove flea collar before administering. Any insecticide flea products can be used with Program.
Do not use on puppies and kittens under four months of age. Can be used as early as six weeks
Will dry on skin at different rates, depending upon skin and coat condition. Nothing to dry, watch, etc.
Dogs over 55lbs. must use two tubes per application per month. Dogs up to 90 lbs. take only one tablet per month.
Long term testing has not been done on Advantage. Program has been tracked for several years: is proven to be safe.